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Ph.D Institutes in India


Phd Institutes in India

PhD Programs (By Research)- LIUTEBM University

Entry Requirements : Masters Degree or Equivalent in relevant subject  from a Recognized University / Institution

Duration : 3 Years of independent research under a University Approved Mentor

The working persons who have completed Masters Degree earlier and have minimum 5 years of post PG academic teaching work experience at a degree level institution  , can seek lateral entry in previous batches and save time on case to case basis, subject to decision of the University.

PhD by Research - Step by step Process

1. Research Proposal  : The interested candidate will submit a Research Proposal to the University stating his/her desire to conduct an independent Research on a subject of his / her choice. The University will evaluate the proposal and if found acceptable, it will allow the candidate to enroll in the program.

2. Enrollment Process : Once the Proposal is conveyed to be acceptable, the candidate fills up and completes the admission formalities online on . All the educational & work-related documents and photograph etc. are uploaded on the website i.e. and a nominal Pre-Admission fees is paid the documents are verified and an invoice is sent to the candidate by email by the university and the candidate is required to pay 1st installment of fees in theUniversity bank account. The University, upon receipt, issues a Letter of Admission with a Student ID No. 

3. Dissertation Guide & his/her approval

4. Writing & Publications - minimum 3 to 5  based upon nature & area of research are needed to be published in renowned & listed journals.

5. Dissertation Review

6. Dissertation Defense : either at University Campus or Embassies or via Skype  

7. Notification & Award to successful candidates 

 Programs :

1. Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D in

           a. International Business

           b. Tourism

           c. Management

           d. Information Technology

           e. Computers

           f. Education 

           g. Law

           h. Social Science


GradXs offers a variety of benefits for students like flexibility in their scheduling/working in their own pace more importantly saving money that would be put towards travelling to the campus of the university.

Below are the reasons why GradXs is better than any other PhD institutes and facilitators in India.

1. Program Type

GradXs offers PhD as a regular guided independent research program where no campus attendance is required as full weightage is given to research and publications where in other PhD institutes in India full-time or part-time attendance is compulsory on University campus.

2. Recognition in India and abroad:

LIUTEBM is recognized by Ministry of education, Govt of Zambia and hence its degrees are recognized globally just like PhD from Indian Recognized Universities are accepted abroad.

3. Lateral/ Advance entry for experienced teachers/ professionals.

Up-to 2 years can be saved if the candidate is having 5+ years academic teaching / industry work experience after his/her Post Graduation. This is an amazing opportunity for working candidates compared to other PhD institutes in India. However lateral entry is subject to the decision of the University's Doctoral Committee.

4. Synopsis / Research Proposal Guidelines:

The research and synopsis proposal gouilines are provided by the University on time. All services are provided timely by the GradXs as University's Student Support FAcilitator in the Asian region.

5. Delay in Publication of Result & Hidden Cost:

Like certain few other PhD institutes in India, there is absolutely no delay in publication of result and absolutely no hidden cost till you complete your PhD.

6. Suitability for working Persons:

Our PhD program is an excellent opportunity for working persons because it has no Course work and it is awarded as Guided Regular Research & publications program under an approved supervisor.

The working persons can complete the Program along-with their jobs from the place of their residence.

Final Viva is done by Skype / VC / Zoom.

Type of the course:

  • Regular Guided Research Program

Mode of the course

  • Regular

How to study?

  • Independent Research Program .

How to apply:

Visit: and apply online for admission.

Payment mode:

  • Internet Banking
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

The Degree Program is offered, run & Certified by the LIUTEBM University

The GradXs : GradXs is a Registered Intellectual Property of Centre for Management Consultancy & Education private limited under Trade Marks Act 1999. It is legally enabled to run & issue its own autonomous Certificates and Diplomas in various fields of employability & skills development as well as to offer enrolment & administration service for the programs of universities from India and abroad.

It is authorized by the LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia to ease the needy students and working persons an opportunity to enrol and complete those university run programs via GradXs services offered through its website as well as through its authorized Gradxs associate information & guidance centres. GradXs is the Global Enrollment & Student Support Facilitator of the LIUTEBM University. 

The Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence & Business Management – LIUTEBM University is a recognized and accredited University of Zambia. The University is recognized by the ministry of education, Government of Zambia and all its Programs are fully accredited by the higher education Authority – HEA, Ministry of Education, Government of Zambia.