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LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia

PhD by Course Work & Research

Entry Requirements: Master’s Degree or Equivalent in relevant subject from an Accredited University / Institution. In exceptional cases the degree by research may be allowed in the subject / topic related to work experience, of subject to evaluation of CV & work experience.

Duration: 3 Years. The working persons, who have completed Master’s Degree earlier and have minimum 5 years of post PG academic teaching or 8 years of Industrial Executive work experience, can seek lateral entry in previous batches and save time on case to case basis, subject to decision of the University. However generally no exemption of credit are given even when advance / lateral entry is granted. 

Program Requirements

Being a Degree by Course Work and Research the program requirements are as follows :

i. Core Theory Module : 3 numbers

ii. Subject specific Major Theory Module : 1 No.

iii. Research Publications : 2 Nos.

iv. Research Proposal

v. Research Dissertation

The assessment of course work modules shall be done through assignments and / or online assessments and that for the Dissertation shall be done through Review & Defense. The guidelines & support shall be provided at every step by the University’s Support Facilitator – GradXs India.  

University Campus Visit - Optional

The Researchers shall have the option of University Campus Visit and attending a face-to-face Research Seminar of about 5 days against payment of additional fees. Those Researchers who wishes to attend may contact GradXs for further details.

Subjects / Areas of Research

  1. International Business
  2. Tourism & allied areas
  3. Management & its allied areas
  4. Construction Project Management
  5. Information Technology
  6. Computer Science / Applications
  7. Information Technology
  8. Education 
  9. Educational Leadership & Management
  10. Educational Administration
  11. Law
  12. Legal Administration 
  13. Social Sciences
  14. Economics
  15. English
  16. Public Health
  17. Nutrition
  18. Yoga 
  19. Psychology 
  20. Applied Psychology
  21. Pharamceutical Administration
  22. Any other acceptable subject & topic 

Admission Process:

Please logon to and complete online admission formalities at following link:

All educational documents, a photograph and scanned signature are required to be uploaded at the time of online admission. In case of any problem in uploading, please send them by email at / after submission of online form.

Lateral / Advance Entry Application

Those candidates who are willing to seek Lateral / Advance Entry must email us the following after submission of online admission form using above link:

  • An updated CV stating detailed description of work experience
  • Supporting documents  related to work experience
  • Registration document (if any) with previous university, if registered with any university but could not complete the Program
  • Information on any publication or any other creative work
  • Information on participation in Social work if any
  • A brief description on how you will be able to complete the credit requirements in shorter time.

This  PhD Program is offered, run and administered directly by & from the LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia. All academic process is administered by the University.  GradXs is LIUTEBM's Global Enrollment & Student Support Facilitator to assist the University in student enrolment and academic administration. Entire Program administration shall be coordinated by the GradXs India.